Hi! I am a keen tramper (hiker) and I setup this website to help trampers who are taking on the challenge of Te Araroa – New Zealand’s Trail (TA).

I am hoping that this website will become a useful resource for trampers looking for accommodation, travel, food & drink, a place to clean up, pitch a tent etc.

Out of this, the idea of a Trail Angel is born.

A Trail Angel is someone who provides an awesome service to a weary tramper, whether it be a spot to camp for the night, a hot drink, a shower or a lift in their car.

This website is a resource for trampers to find help along Te Araroa and for Trail Angels to offer their help.

Whilst the purest idea of a Trail Angel is one who provides a kindness, and who will most probably not look for any payment for the help they provide, I am just as happy for anyone who genuinely has something of value to add to a tramper’s experience along the TA, even if there is a charge attached, to make an entry on this website. I will keep an eye on the entries and ensure as best I can that they are decent. To this end, if you  come across an entry that you feel is inappropriate, please put a message up on the Facebook group page, to make others aware.

Also, I recommend joining the Facebook group page as this is a great place to chat with other Trampers,  Trail Angels and me!