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    If you are looking for somewhere to stay along the Wellington leg of the Te Araroa trail or you have a backyard or a room you are happy to let someone stay in, post a comment here!


    Would like to stay somewhere in wellington! Anything Will do


    Kapiti 3 min from the beach. We have a room with a double bed and en-suite for 100 dollars per night. We also offer genuine Spanish Paella with a cold beer for 2 at a cost of 70 dollars.


    The above is no longer offered. I would like to do a couple of edits, but I am not able to (this website does not seem to be able to let people do edits). I am also unable to contact the webmaster.


    Hi – what do I need to do to offer a free room for trail trampers passing through the Plimmerton, Wellington section of the trail?
    15 minutes walk from the trail, 5 minutes walk to Karehana Bay


    Room for free in Plimmerton
    10 mins walk from the train station. Free shower meal and relax


    We have accommodation right on the path – just before you get to the Otaihanga Domain. Women only. Camping on site available. Toilet and Laundry facilities accessible from the yard. If you like to cook, you can help us prepare a meal and join us.


    Feel free to pitch a tent somewhere on our property – 13 Akatarawa Road. Right next to the small white church in Reikiorangi. Its right on the trail about 6kms from the trailhead at the end of Mangone Road.
    Happy to feed you if you let us know you have arrived.

    027 4221146


    I am prepared to offer transport and accommodation to TA walkers in the Wellington area but can’t work out how to do this! How would walkers contact me???


    We live just off the TA Trail, near the western end of the Waikanae River on the Kapiti Coast of the Wellington Region. We have a sleep-out with double bed, shower, microwave, as well as flat lawn for tents. Gold coin koha for electricity, etc. FB Message us – we’re members of the TA Trail Angels FB Group (Andrew And-Helen Morrison). Andrew 🙂


    We live at Mana near the railway station which about half way between the Paekakariki escarpment section and Elsdon in Porirua. Plenty of space for tents,showers, laundry, very close to the train station and supermarket and lots of takeaway shops etc. Can receive parcels and if you are over 25 yr we have a small car you can use.
    We will be closed from 4 th to 29 th December 2021 sorry. I am on TA 2021 2022 Facebook group if you want to message me


    Hi we live right on the TA trail within the Kapiti Coast section adjacent to the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve. If you need help with water supply, tent site, overnight accommodation , shower etc get in touch. Am on the TA angels FB group (Robin Gunston). Look forward to meeting you.

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